The Very First Page

Hypersmash Studios proudly presents: the first finished comic book page in our short, unassuming history. It's a notable development, and I'm a little bit at a loss for words...

It's pencilled. And inked. And grayscaled. And lettered.

Without further ado, posted for your consideration, here is page one of the upcoming Hypersmash book, Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy (Story: Roel Torres, Art: Scott Arnold.)
Wow. That is so sweet. What a lovely four-panel composition. I can barely contain my excitement when I look at that page! Nice job, Scott!

The assembly process continues. We are gradually moving towards our goal of publication. Ideas have become scripts. Scripts have become sketches. Sketches have become layouts. And now layouts are becoming finished pages. We are producing tangible, concrete results, and it is very gratifying.

The first page is done. 49 pages remain. There's no stopping us now!

Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy one-shot (52 pages) by Roel Torres and Scott Arnold is scheduled for release from Hypersmash Studios in 2008.


thatsthespirit said...

Looks good. Looks very good.

rez said...

Eff. Yes. Nice work, can't wait to see more.