Sketchbook: Scott Arnold, artist on Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy

This week, I'm going to post eight pieces from each artist's portfolio to help showcase his individual style and considerable skills. This time out, we take a look at the fantastic work of Scott Arnold. Enjoy! (Click on the image to enlarge.)

You’ll notice the excellent detail on Batgirl’s boots. Scott does a nice job rendering them, despite having a traumatic experience drawing boots in high school. True story.

Let’s face it, nobody does spot illustrations for horse racing trade magazines like our man, Scott!

I don’t remember the actual title for this piece, but I believe it’s called “The Justice League of Emo.”

I like this drawing a lot. The only suggestion I would make to Scott is that he needs to make the thumbs a little bigger. (Ha! Just making a joke there. I kid Scott because, well, to be honest – he’s an easy mark.)
This is one of my favorite pieces by Scott. I think this image has a lot of soul, which is a quality that is very difficult for an artist to capture and convey. That is quality work right there.

I think that this is a very effective re-design. Check out the way Scott takes Luke Skywalker out of the seventies and modernizes him, giving him a fresh, contemporary feel while keeping him recognizable. This image makes Luke look like a bad dude you wouldn’t want to mess with.*

I am genuinely in awe of Scott’s prodigious talent. His design sensibilities are so much fun to look at, and everything he does has a natural and relaxed feel to it. His art frequently brings a smile to my face, and I'm ecstatic that he's producing fantastic pages for the Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy 48 page one-shot. When that project gets published, everyone will get a chance to see Scott's talent on full display. It's gonna be sweet!

The next time that we visit Scott's art, we're going to take things to the another level as we go over some of his sequential pages. His work only gets more impressive from here. I know -- hard to believe, but true. So make sure to keep checking in.

To see more Scott's cool creations, please visit his site. Make sure to check out the extensive collection of political cartoons he's archived over there. It gives you an insight to a very different dimension of his work.

*Most jedis are bad dudes you wouldn’t want to mess with.

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