Finding Our Identity

There are a lot of things to keep track of when you're a self-publisher trying to launch multiple projects from scratch simultaneously. I've got one artist located three time zones away from me, and another one situated in a different country -- the frozen, barren wasteland of Canada -- and it's my responsibility to make sure everything stays on track.

One of the details that eventually needs to be attended to is the creation of logos. We're going to need at least four: one for the company (Hypersmash Studios) and another three for the books (Battle Team Omega, Rogue Agent Zed, and Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy.)

In order to get the blog up and running, I slapped together the placeholder logo for Hypersmash Studios that you've seen a couple of times on the blog. It looks like so:

Not bad. It's heavily dependent on a free font I downloaded off the net. But at least I had an image I could use to launch the blog.

Now my brother, Ry, is a graphic designer with a strong background in typography and I've asked him to take charge of the design aspects of our books. He's got a pretty heavy workload these days, but he found some time to whip out a couple of cool new ideas for creating our sense of identity. Let me present two of his design ideas for the new Hypersmash Studios logo.

Now we're talking. Pretty nifty, huh? Ry said we can focus on choosing the right colors after I've decided what direction I want to pursue. But it's tough, because I would really like to use both...



industri said...

I think the first one, but with a little morew "breathing" space to the left and right of the H would work. The other, I fear, will get lost wehn placed onto a full colour cover... and the prior will look tight on your business cards, Roel...

Hypersmash Studios said...

I hear ya, man. I agree that the second one may be a little too busy, but I think that Ry is probably going to tweak everything until they're both perfect.

Thanks for the feedback!