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Scott Arnold is a machine. A machine, I tell ya. He's shown me the pencils and inks for Page 25 (25!) of Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy, and they look really, really great. We both feel it might be his best work so far. Awesome.

Of course, he's put me in a difficult position because I am dying to post the art on the blog so that I can share it with all of you. But, unfortunately, that's not going to happen. Grrr.

Here's the scoop. Just taking my enthusiasm into account, I would love to post everything Scott has sent to me. But -- trying to keep the Big Picture in mind -- it's not sensible to post 25 free preview pages of a comic book. It oversaturation, and it's counter-productive.

Um, yeah. So we're not going to see a lot more of Scott's pages on this blog.

I'm sorry, guys! Gah! Total bummer.

So, in a creative way to allow us to showcase his art, Scott was kind enough to put together a GIF for us. I have to say -- in my opinion, this is probably the coolest feature on the blog so far!

Scott takes us step-by-step through his artistic process for every panel of the comic. Here, we can see the amount of time and effort it takes an artist to create a finished product. We can watch the lay-out, pencils, inks, grayscales, toning, and lettering as they develop. Check it out!

Aw, yeah... That's the stuff...

Thanks, Scott! That was a blast!

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