Sample Sequentials: Fabio Nahon

There are some interesting prospects for the different Hypersmash titles we’re developing, and I can’t talk about things in too much detail right now, but I just want to say that I’m excited by the idea of multimedia possibilities. I’ve started preliminary discussions with some very talented and very successful old friends, and even if nothing comes from it, it’s a really cool experience.

One of the surprising results of these discussions is that Hypersmash Studios has been generously loaned a skilled artist named Fabio Nahon! Man, how did that happen?

I’ll be honest with you – I know almost nothing about Fabio. I have no biographical info on him. From what I’ve been told, I am operating under the strong impression that he doesn’t speak English. So I’ve never been in contact with the man, never communicated with him except through intermediaries.

An old college buddy told me that he saw Fabio’s portfolio, and suggested that we work together. So Fabio is helping out, and drawing up his own interpretation of my script, in order to provide a useful sample of the story and its general shape. Huh. Pretty cool.

At this point, I want to make clear that Jason is the co-creator, co-owner, and permanent lead artist to Battle Team Omega. The nature of collaboration is based on mutual and shared success and that’s always been the approach I’ve taken with all my artists. The story, characters, and designs of the book are every bit as much the work of Jason, as they are mine – if not more. Nobody will ever be able to draw our creations the way he does, and the defining visual style of the book will come from his pencil, his brain, and his artistic skill. From a creative, moral, and legal standpoint, I firmly believe that Battle Team Omega is a creation that Jason and I share 50/50. And that’s the way it should be.

Jason has generously agreed to give Fabio an opportunity to create his alternate interpretation of our story, which is a really cool situation. In the next couple of posts, we'll get to see Fabio's take on the title.

And now, having said that, let’s take a moment to welcome Fabio Nahon to the Hypersmash family.

Here are some of the sample sequentials from his outstanding portfolio. I get the feeling that these pages will give you a pretty good indication of his abundant talent. (Translation: if you're not impressed by these pages, then might not be any hope for you...) Enjoy!

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