First Issue of Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy now on sale!!!

Hey! Exciting news! We've finally published our very first comic! Yowza!

Let's check out the listing, shall we?

Writer: Roel Torres
Artist: Scott Arnold
52 page one-shot
Black and white with color covers
$5.95 US

IN THIS ISSUE: It's a good-natured romp as Marcus and Jodie start dating -- while teaming up to fight crime! What happens when they get recruited by the legendary super team known as The Liberty Patrol? And are they ready to face the terrifying menace of Dr. Straitjacket and his Madbots? Find out in this exciting, pulse-pounding first issue!

SERIES SUMMARY: A teenage Romantic Comedy with superheroes (imagine "Say Anything" crossed with DC Comics), Rocket Boy and Lightning Girl are a pair of teenage college students who try to juggle the demands of fighting crime with the difficulty of studying for mid-terms -- all while keeping the romance alive in their relationship!

Making this comic really was a labor of love for me and Scott. We're thrilled with the results and we hope you are, too!
Click HERE to order your copy from IndyPlanet today!

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