Design Workshop: Marco D. Carillo works his magic on Battle Team Omega

When Marco signed up to work on Battle Team Omega, he asked whether he could re-design the look and costumes of all the main characters. I immediately gave him full approval without hesitation because I knew from looking at his portfolio that he had a prolific and stylish design sense. Let’s check out a few of the highlights:

Velocity Hawk:

Korrgar Rex:

Silverbolt:Danger Ace:

Devil of Destruction:

I am completely knocked out by the designs. I really love the Danger Ace costume, in particular. (Somehow, it looks both retro and modern at the same time.) And it's great that Marco also happens to be a talented colorist -- because it's nice to see them in color!

In addition to his excellent design sense, Marco is also the fastest artist I have worked with, and that is truly an invaluable skill. The book is speeding towards completion (note to self: remember to find a letterer to put words into comic), and I'll keep everyone posted on the news as it approaches publication. Stay tuned.


mdavidct said...

thank you for the words Roel, only one thing my last name is Carrillo LOL. is like a little car and Castillo is castle in spanish.

i very happy you like the designs i really work in your comic and characters like they was mine.

Hypersmash Studios said...

Hi Marco! That was a very silly typo -- of course I know your last name. I apologize -- I should definitely spell your last name properly! (This is what happens when you try to compose five posts in the same morning with no proofreading...) I have fixed that error and promise never to do it again in the future!!! --Roel