The Return of Fabio Nahon!

One of the more disappointing earlier developments in the history of Hypersmash Studios came when artist Fabio Nahon had to step away and discontinue his work on Battle Team Omega after producing several excellent pages of finished art. Recently, Fabio left a message through the Comments Section of this very blog and we were able to establish contact for the first time in years. He generously offered to provide a free pin-up of my choosing, but after a couple of emails, we decided to get more ambitious and collaborate on something a little more substantial. So I am proud to announce that Fabio Nahon will makes his return to Hypersmash Comics as the artist on a new original title, Astro Crusader! He’s already re-designed the costume, put together layouts on a handful of pages, and produced finished pencils and inks for the story’s introduction. All the disappointment I used to have because of our interrupted collaboration has faded away and it is a pleasant surprise to be working with Fabio again years later on this exciting new project! Keep an eye out for Astro Crusader – I have a feeling it's going to be a good one!

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