Anatomy of a Cover: Marco D. Carrillo on Astro Crusader #1

Let's take a quick look at process of coming up with a cover for Astro Crusader #1.

First, original artist Fabio Nahon sketched out his idea.  I loved the linework, but worried that our hero looked a little too thick and blocky around the midsection.  I wanted him to be more sleek, and less muscular.

Then Marco D. Carrillo stepped up and came up with a cool composition.  I thought it was very dynamic, but I decided it might be better to show a little more of the character's costume.

This was the basic composition Marco and I finally agreed on.

Here are the finished pencils and inks:

Marco takes a first pass on the colors.  I thought the cloud effects were a little distracting, and I asked him to turn down the intensity on both the power beams and the reflected light on Astro Crusader's costume.

And here's the finished product:

Bright, clean, and pop-infused!  Nice work, Marco!  I love it!

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