Two different versions of a Black Axe page

I don't want to say that Fabio Nahon has some perfectionist tendencies, but sometimes he will send me page that I think looks amazing... and then he will change his mind, take it back, and re-draw everything!  Wow -- that is true dedication to craftsmanship.  You have to admire a man with such high standards.

Here's a peek at his process, as he sent me the opening page of Black Axe #1.  Then he decided he wasn't thrilled with the results, and sent me a different version of the same page.  See for yourself.

Here's Fabio's take on the first draft:

And here's the page that he was eventually happy with:

It's kinda like playing one of those "Spot the Difference" games!  As you can see, he made different choices in terms of rendering armor, rock formations, shadows, trees, and more.  Fundamentally, very similar pages. But at the level of fine detail, a very different approach to the two versions.

It's kinda fun for me to see the way an artist's mind works, the stylistic choices they make, and the different techniques they have at their disposal.  Very cool.

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