I’ve played in bands for most of my life. And even from the very beginning, it was always important for a band to put together a demo. People needed them in order to figure out if you were any good or not. You would showcase your talents for the folks who made the decisions, and they were either impressed, or, you got a rejection. If you wanted gigs, or if you dreamt about record contracts, that’s how it worked.

So I’m hoping that the comics I write and publish under the Hypersmash Studios banner can serve the same purpose. These can be my comic book demos. I’ll try to write a handful of solid stories that I can hand out to the editors at Oni, or Boom!, or AiT/Planet Lar, or Image, or DC, or Marvel, and maybe someone will give me the benefit of the doubt and decide that I have some potential. Maybe.

I feel like you need to prove yourself, you know? You can't just ask for a shot. You need to earn it. You need to put your money where your mouth is, and let your work speak for itself.

So here we go. I’m going to write my stories until someone out there decides that I might be allowed to write comic book scripts for their company. That's the plan.

I don’t know if it’s a realistic notion. I don’t know if there’s an editor out there who will finally take a chance and give me a shot. I have no idea. This might all be a colossal waste of time, effort, and money. Realistically, my odds aren't all that good.

But, hey pal, we all need a dream, right?

Hell, yeah…

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