An open invitation to all artists

If there are any prospective artists out there who are interested in working with Hypersmash Studios, drop me a line at roeltorres@post.harvard.edu and I’d be happy to look at some of your sample sequentials to see if we can work something out. I have a million stories that I want to tell, and I’m always looking for good, reliable artists to collaborate with, to help make those stories a reality.

As you can see from the samples on the blog, I am open to working with artists of all influences including indy-punk, manga, realistic, mainstream superhero, and animated styles. I take pride in writing in order to feature an artist's strengths, and giving everyone an opportunity to shine. I specialize in original 48-page self-contained one-shots and I can provide sample scripts upon request.

So if you're an artist who would be interested in having your work published, why not follow in the talented footsteps of Scott Arnold, Jeremiah Goldson, Jason Hoagland, and Ryan Torres? We've all agreed to work together to try and create some fun, enjoyable comics.

Why not join the fun?

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