Sample Sequentials: Scott Arnold

It’s important to match the right artist with the proper project. You don’t want to work with an artist who has a style that clashes with your script, no matter how talented he is. It becomes distracting and detrimental to the story. As a writer and aspiring publisher, I’m always conscious of trying to play to an artist’s strengths and hoping to let them do what they do best.

There are a lot of comic book artists out there who can draw amazing fight sequences (featuring ridiculously muscular superhumans flexing as they punch each other out in their capes and spandex) with great flair. But when you ask them to draw a scene where two college students sit around a table and eat lunch, they can’t pull it off. And that can be a problem.

Scott Arnold can draw everything with ease. Equally comfortable portraying quiet moments from real life as well as the most absurd scenes you can imagine, he’s a fantastic choice to draw a book full of everyday acts and natural conversations.

Scott has a playful quality to his art that makes his characters instantly likable. His lines are so clean and relaxed, that they really help propel the story with a strong sense of natural momentum. It’s a great fit for a comic like Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy, which is basically a teen romantic comedy with a little superhero action thrown in.

I think Scott Arnold is the perfect artist for Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy.

Please take a look at some of Scott’s sequential pages, posted below. He often uses material from his own life in an understated and thoughtful way. And once you’ve enjoyed these samples, don’t hesitate to see more of his art over on his site.

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