Design Workshop: Jason Hoagland creates a Hypersmash Universe character (2nd in a series)


Today's featured character is the Valyrie Warrior, The Myth! She's a member of the premiere supergroup in the Hypersmash Universe, Battle Team Omega. Click on each image to enlarge to get a better appreciation of Jason's detailed art.

Jason and I are still trying to lock down some of the fundamental aspects of her character. In many ways, she's still a work in progress.

Jason has made an effort to incorporate authentic Norse armor into her costume, to help distinguish her from other characters wearing your standard superhero gear.

I like the way Jason spots blacks on the image to the right, using dramatic lighting to give the character a very solid feel. The strong use of shadows makes this pic look different from the rest of his work.

This modern-day Valkyrie is a character with a strong sense of mystery to her, and she has many layers still waiting to be revealed. (Even to me and Jason. And we're the guys who created her...)

Hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into Jason's different design ideas for The Myth. I'm just as curious as you are as to what she eventually looks like!

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