Ten Page Preview of Rogue Agent Zed #1

(Content warning: Contains adult language and themes. Reader discretion advised.) 

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PhoenixDown said...

I MUST HAVE RAZ, do you have an ETA for printing and selling.?

How much of it is done?

How long will it be?

Hypersmash Studios said...

Hi, PhoenixDown! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support. Jeremiah is working hard on finishing the book and I would guess that a mid-2011 publishing date would be realistic (it's a fifty page double-issue, and Jeremiah has most of the pages ready to go.)

PhoenixDown -- if you are interested in receiving a reminder when the book is published, send me an email at, I can add you to a mailing and make sure you're informed when it's available for purchase.

Regards, RT