52 pages of Pencils, Inks, and Grayscales are all completed! Plus, we have an awesome Letterer!

I am happy to report that my good friend Marco D. Carrillo has sent me all 52 pages of Battle Team Omega -- pencilled, inked, and grayscaled! He has wrapped up the standard cover for the book (posted above), and is now working on the wraparound variant cover. Looking at the art from start to finish, I can't believe how incredible it looks! Holy smokes! He really went above and beyond to make this a beautiful, beautiful comic. I am completely blown away. Marco really knocked this one out of the park!

Adding his contributions to the project is the talented letterer, Brant W. Fowler. Brant has an exceptional portfolio full of published work, including a couple of comics that he lettered for Image. I've admired his work for awhile, and I was thrilled when he offered to join our creative team. It's great putting a project in Brant's hands, because you know he will bring out the best in the story. Man, what a great addition! It's a total blast working with such unbelievably talented individuals!

Once Brant gets things lettered, we'll post some preview pages on this blog, and we'll send the pages over to the printer. Second published comic, here we come!

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