Introducing the Next Wave of Hypersmash Titles

I've written a bunch of posts about Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy, Battle Team Omega, and Rogue Agent Zed.  Those were the first scripts I ever matched up with artists, and I consider those the First Wave of Hypersmash self-published titles.  Two of those books are now published, and the third is getting prepped for the printers.

I want to take a second to introduce you to four more titles under the Hypersmash banner.

On the one hand, we've got Monica Furious: SupderDestroyer (created by Jeremiah Goldson) and Astro Crusader.  I think of those as Wave II.   

The creative team on Monica Furious: SuperDestroyer: script by Roel Torres, art by Jeremiah Goldson, colors by Paul Little, letters by Michael David Thomas.

For Astro Crusader: script by Roel Torres, art by Fabio Nahon and Marco D. Carrillo, letters by Brant Fowler.

And then there's Black Axe, and The Lunar Colony Auditions.  That would be Wave III.  

Black Axe: script by Roel Torres, art by Fabio Nahon.
The Lunar Colony Auditions: script by Roel Torres, art by Jeremiah Goldson.

The scorecard:

Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy.  52 pages.  Superheroes.
Rogue Agent Zed.  52 pages.  Sci-fi/Action.
Battle Team Omega.  52 pages.  Superheroes.
Monica Furious: Superdestroyer.  60 pages.  Sci-fi/Action.
Astro Crusader. 22 pages. Superheroes.
Black Axe. Page count TBD. Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery.
The Lunar Colony Auditions.  90 pages.  Sci-fi/Drama.

We'll add more details as things develop.  But momentum continues to build.  That's over 328+ pages of original comic book material we're cranking out.  And when all seven of these books finally roll off the printing presses, I figure we'll start to have the makings of a decent little comic studio...

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