Progress Report: Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy

As we've seen in the past, Scott Arnold is a crazy bugger who has an unhealthy obsession for taking photographs of his poor, unsuspecting Drawing Table (as demonstrated here and here.) It's been an interesting progression as Scott has shown us the first panel of the very first page, then the pencils for the first ten pages of the book.

And now, in it's full glory, here is Scott Arnold's most recent snapshot of his workspace. (He tells me that there are 24 pages stacked on there. Ah, I don't know. Personally, I would question anything this man tells you. But your mileage may vary.) Let's take a look!

Woo. Pretty nifty.

Twenty-four pages. That is some serious progress.

Oh, hey! Here's a novel idea! Let's take a moment to respond to some comments from the public!

Here's a message we received from young Aaron Trites, who provides useful feedback for the marketing team at Hypersmash Studios:


For maximum enjoyment I would recommend having the pages either stapled in the traditional pamphlet format or bound together as a graphic novel, rather than having them strewn about on a desk. Oh, and add words to the pages too."

Hi, Aaron! Thanks for the input! We'll certainly give your advice all due consideration!

Okay, so Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy is clearly humming along. I'll try to keep everyone posted as we approach our impending publication.


Dan M. said...

"Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy" looks really good. Great art from Scott Arnold. When/where will I be able to pick up a copy?

Hypersmash Studios said...

Hi Dan! We've finished up all the interior artwork, and we're almost ready to send the files to the printer. Give us a couple of months, and we'll have it ready to go! Thanks for your interest!

Hypersmash Studios said...

Oh, and you will be able to order copies online. When the book is ready, I'll make sure to post a link to the online provider. Couldn't be easier!

Dan M. said...

Do you have a mailing list for notifications? Or are you on Facebook or Twitter? I'd like to be kept informed, so I don't miss the release. I definitely want to support great local work.

Hypersmash Studios said...

Hi Dan,

We can certainly add you to a mailing list -- we'd love to keep you informed on the book's release. Shoot an email over to battle_team_omega (at), and we'd be happy to drop you a reminder when the book(s) come out!

Hypersmash Studios said...

Well, Dan -- the moment we were all waiting for has arrived! Lightning Girl Loves Rocket Boy #1 has hit the printers and is now available for purchase by the general public! Hope you enjoy the book!