Ten Page Preview of Monica Furious: SuperDestroyer #1

A look at the first ten pages of Jeremiah Goldson's creation, Monica Furious: SuperDestroyer. Art by Jeremiah, colors by Paul Little, letters by Michael David Thomas, script by yours truly.


PB DeBerry said...

Digging the cover! The interior art is pretty rad.

Anonymous said...

it didn't include the best image ever drawn (aka, the double head cust, without cracking their sunglasses !!!!).
Err, I notice a slight change in dialogue from the original tho !

Hypersmash Studios said...

Hi Anonymous,

There are two versions of dialogue from Monica Furious.
Jeremiah originally scripted the story by himself.
After the fact, the two of us decided that I should take a shot at scripting it.
The version currently available for purchase is the second/revised one that has Jeremiah's art and my dialogue.

Roel Torres